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My EAI and EDI Services Presentation from CloudDevelop

Thanks to everyone for attending my EAI and EDI Services talk at CloudDevelop. Please find my presentation deck below.

EAI and EDI Services


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Neudesic’s Participation in TAP for Service Bus for Windows Server 1.0 Beta

I am excited to announce that Service Bus for Windows Server 1.0 Beta has been released today! I am glad to be able to finally share this news with you as myself and several other Neudesic colleagues had the pleasure of participating in a Technical Adoption Program (TAP) for Service Bus 1.0 for the last several months.   This release brings the following capabilities you had previously only available in Azure Service Bus.  This release includes on-premise support for:

  • Queues
  • Topics
  • Service Bus Secure Token Service (SBSTS) – Similar to ACS but currently only has support for AD as an identity provider.

This release is built on several core Windows components and interestingly enough designed  to run both on-premise and in the Cloud under IAAS.  I believe we will see more in the future in terms of how this can be hosted in an IAAS configuration but the architecture diagram seems to allude to supporting both on-premise and cloud for its base OS. Take a look at the diagram below.

Service Bus for Windows Server Platform Stack

Service Bus Platform Stack

Before you get started, I recommend you check out a more detailed post on Service Bus from my colleague Manoj Talreja.  Once you have done so, I recommend that you create a VM with Windows 2008 R2 and then begin the installation process by following the steps here:


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My webcast on AppFabric Connect

I recently presented a webcast on BizTalk and AppFabric. Check it out!

Extending the Reach of BizTalk 2010
Cloud computing is here to stay. Organizations can realize reduced cost and management by moving their applications to the cloud; however, this approach requires the ability to maintain a bridge between existing on-premise assets and those in the cloud. BizTalk Server 2010 introduces a new feature called “AppFabric Connect”, which enables organizations to leverage existing legacy investments on-premise while integrating with their next generation of applications in the cloud. BizTalk 2010 brings these capabilities to Windows Server AppFabric and Windows Azure AppFabric. In Windows Server AppFabric, this capability enables developers to leverage the power of the BizTalk LOB Adapters and the BizTalk Mapper from inside Windows Workflow applications. In Windows Azure AppFabric, it enables you to expose your BizTalk artifacts as service endpoints in the cloud. In this presentation, you will see how you can leverage your existing .NET investments to extend the reach of BizTalk 2010 both on-premise and in the cloud.

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Business Integration Roadshow in Columbus

I had another great opportunity to speak at the Business Integration Roadshow in Columbus, Ohio. This session highlighted some great new capabilities in the MSFT platform such as AppFabric Connect, Server AppFabric and BizTalk 2010. Check out the presentation below.

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BizTalk Integration Roadshow in Philadelphia

I recently presented at the Microsoft Business Integration Roadshow 2011 in Philadelphia on Monday 3/7/2011.  This presentation covered AppFabric, BizTalk 2010, and AppFabric Connect for BizTalk. Check it out.

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DogFood 2 Conference Recap

I had the pleasure of presenting at the second annual DogFood 2 conference.  I spoke to a number of people in the community and got to see their perspective on how they look at enterprise integration challenges.  If you are interested in learning more about SOA, ESB, and enterprise integration, please reach out to me via this blog.  See the slide deck below.

Dog Food 2 Slide Deck


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I’m a dog trainer this year at the Dog Food Conference II

Not really…but I am presenting at the second annual Microsoft DogFood Conference.  I will be presenting on BizTalk Server 2009.  I have been using BizTalk 2009 as early as April this year and even helped a client go live as part of the Technical Adoption Program. ( TAP – I started developing on BizTalk 2004 and I can honestly say that this product has matured into a robust platform for developing enterprise integration solutions.  Come check out all the new features and learn about the future roadmap of BizTalk. Ohh yeah, don’t forget to stick around for all the other wonderful topics.  🙂 Go to the website below to register and see the full agenda.

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My Webcast on SOA

Enjoy!  You will need to provide your email address to see the webcast.  I promise you that you will not receive any spam. 🙂
Bite-Sized SOA: An Iterative Approach To SOA
Implementing a Service Oriented Architecture can seem like a daunting task; however, if one starts with a single business process and takes an iterative approach, the chances of success improve significantly. In this webcast, Neudesic will explore ‘starting small’ by decomposing a business process and designing services to facilitate it. We will demonstrate how this ‘middle-out’ approach can be extended in subsequent iterations to continuously add value and align to business objectives.

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Presenting at the SOA Roadshow in Mason on 2/11/2009

I will be presenting at the upcoming SOA Roadshow in Mason, Ohio on 2/11/2009.  My topic will be the BizTalk Adapter Pack.

SOA Roadshow

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Microsoft Dogfood Conference

The Microsoft Dogfood Conference went really well today.  The topic of my presentation was SOA and ESB with BizTalk Server.  You can download the presentation and the sample code below.

SOA and ESB with BizTalk Server
Dogfood BizTalk Demo Sample Code

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