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3 posts in one day! I am still in the process of transferring my posts from my other blog so bear with me.  Anyways, if you haven’t already, you should checkout JetBrain’s Resharper tool. It is a great add-in for VS.NET 2003 that enhances intellisense and adds a number of useful features. Just to name a few:
-Refactoring (Organizing imports, shortening namespace references, etc)
-Code completion (a step up from intellisense)
-Surround with (Allows you to template scope blocks such as try…catch, if, etc)

Just a word of caution though, I did notice that the tool creates some files within VS project directories and tends to make it run slow every now and then.  However, I think it is a good trade-off.  Try it out for yourself.

The website offers a free 30-day trial.  I was lucky enough to win a developer’s license at the last .NET user group meeting.


July 3, 2005 - Posted by | Visual Studio |

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