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WSE032: There was an error loading the microsoft.web.services2 configuration section.

I haven’t posted anything in a while so here goes.  I recently ran into a WSE032 error when I ran my web service client application.  It just would not get past the point where the web service proxy was being initialized.  Also, the stacktrace did not provide any details as to where the error actually occured.  See the stacktrace below.  It turns out the problem was with loading some of the web service filters I had added to the section of the configuration section.  The filter references were not using the fully qualified strong name assembly naming conventions.

I had
instead of
        SampleFilter, WSELib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx” />

As soon as I modified the type attribute to use the fully qualified assembly strong name I no longer ran into the exception. 

WSE032: There was an error loading the microsoft.web.services2 configuration section.
   at Microsoft.Web.Services2.Configuration.WebServicesConfiguration.Initialize()
   at Microsoft.Web.Services2.Configuration.WebServicesConfiguration.get_ReferralConfiguration()
   at Microsoft.Web.Services2.Referral.ReferralCache.Initialize()
   at Microsoft.Web.Services2.Referral.ReferralCache.ResolvePath(Uri uri)
   at Microsoft.Web.Services2.WebServicesClientProtocol.set_Destination(EndpointReference value)
   at Microsoft.Web.Services2.WebServicesClientProtocol.set_Url(String value)
   at XYZCompany.AppName.Client.WsClient.WsClientWse..ctor() in reference.cs
   at XYZCompany.AppName.Client.WsClient.Main() in WsClient.cs


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