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Reporting from Sandusky, OH at Codemash

What is codemash you say? It is a very exciting event where we mash up every technology you can think of within a 2-day conference.  Just to name a few of those technologies:  Ruby, Rails, Groovy (whaaat?), .Net, Java, Python.  I am really excited to step out of my BizTalk mapper and Orchestration designer comfort zone to learn some new technologies and concepts. 

I am looking forward to some of the testing sessions to see how I can better implement testing strategies within the integration space.  In my opinion, I just don’t think there is a good way to write unit tests for my BizTalk projects.  I will admit that we have tools like nUnit and BizUnit but they just don’t cut it.  Integration is more complex than just dropping a file and checking for the existence of that file a few minutes later.  I feel that the unit within the unit test is too large.  We need better ways to unit test individual BizTalk artifacts such as orchestrations, maps, pipelines, schemas, etc.

We do have some tools and functionality but we need a unit test framework that stitches them all together.  The tools and functionality I am referring to are:

  • pipeline.exe
  • Test Map
  • Validate Map
  • Validate Schema
  • Validate Schema Instance

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